Exclusive Features

Unleash the full potential of your team with ForceFlow

Track Anything

Track any changes made by your team

Easy access

Control your settings via web

Manage Complex Workflows

Configure permission to each section of config


Deploy or rollback configuration in a few clicks

Type Safety

Deploy or rollback configuration in a few clicks

Version Control

Diff between configurations


See all changes in one place

Syncing is automatic

All settings are syncing automaticly

Full Features List

  • Support multiple environments and adding a new configuration entry to all environments.
  • Support specify a configuration value different on selected environments.
  • View or edit configuration using web-ui without the need for remote access.
  • Track configuration changes and gets notified by email or view change history.
  • View configuration by environment or version.
  • Deploy any version of the configuration.
  • Compare configuration differences between environments.
  • Update local cached configuration with the latest or a specific version.
  • Share configuration with sensitive data hidden.
  • Enable to push “test” configuration to the specific client (identified by ip, hostname, region…)
  • Gradual rollout & rollback, configuration in a few clicks.
  • Continuous integration and deployment cache to minimize boot time.
  • Encrypt sensitive configuration values.
  • Support clients in different programming languages.
  • Support Audit logs of every change made and who made the change.
  • Support warm startup by caching configuration on disk.
  • Real-Time push updates.
  • Integrate with deployment systems.
  • Support various integrations: Slack, Google-Analytics, Jira, Miaxpanel
  • View configuration diff across versions.
  • Provide API to change the configuration.
  • Provide command line interface to update configuration.
  • Support distributed mode over multiple zones and locations.
  • Support load balancing to the closest region.
  • Support multiple configuration formats: JSON, XML, YAML, TOML.
  • Create an automatic schema for each configuration, store on the client to only transfer changing data – like protobuf for performance
  • Convert configuration between different formats automatically.
  • Support type safety and select from preconfigured enums and validation.
  • Support selectors for clients to use custom config structure and live subscribe to updates.
  • UI configurations editor, easily create a complex config.
  • Support defining variables per environment and reuse between configs.
  • Check which configuration deployed to what service live by securely connection to a client.
  • Check whether configuration backward, forward, fully compatible.
  • Enable to embed config sections in admin panels using iframe/ js snippet.
  • Provide IAM permission for different user change slice of configuration.
  • Specify pull-request like mode, when the user can make changes but only config admin allowed to modify settings.
  • Scheduled config rollouts, deploy config at a specific time.


Easily integrate with 3rd party services


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Stay connect with your team

Google Analytics

See how your settings are effect on users behavior


Encrypt your data with Vault Project