Google Analytics

Google Analytics
  • You can add any setting to your Google Analytics data. In this way, you can easily target groups and see how it’s effect on your traffic.
  • Compare metrics and data to see who have specific settings and who didn’t have.
  • Try to understand the value of settings across any dimension or goal in Google Analytics.
  • With this integration, you can easily understand what is most effective settings for your users.

Spring Cloud Config

  • Spring Cloud Config provides server and client-side support for externalized configuration in a distributed system.
  • Have a central place for manage external properties for applications across all environments.
  • Can be used with any application running in any language.

Vault Project

Vault Project
  • Don’t worry, all data that Vault stores is encrypted.
  • Access control policies provide strict control over who can access what data.
  • Through a unified API, users can access an encrypted settings store.


  • Slack is a powerful workplace collaboration tool that can also send and receive data or event notifications.
  • Get notified in your favorite channel about any change or update.
  • Get or send messages about changes on configuration via slack.